Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2021

Here is the list of projects:

(*) List of active design challenges:

Order SN Project title Name Affiliation TA
1 2021-5 Ambulatory Uroflowmetry Eric A. Kurzrock, M.D. UC Davis Albara Ramli
2 2021-12 WebAssembly Video Filters Brian Thomas Telestream Andrei
3 2021-23 NerdsWallet/SpendWiser Tony Xiao N/A Andrei
4 2021-31 Your Own Open Source Project Idea Justin Jia None Albara Ramli
5 2021-33 Placement Exam Website Revamp Christopher Nitta University of California, Davis Andrei
6 2021-46 Mobile Food Ordering System Naji Dmeiri Google, UC Davis alum Albara Ramli
7 2021-49 Web-based Liver Image Segmentation based on Deep Learning Roger Goldman, MD, PhD UC Davis School of Medicine, Department of Radiology Albara Ramli
8 2021-66 NFL Data Voice App Juan Juan N/A Andrei
9 2021-71 Capstone Project 05 Travis Heppe Google Andrei
10 2021-76 Capstone Project 10 Travis Heppe Google Andrei
11 2021-85 Capstone Project 19 Travis Heppe Google Andrei

(*) Proposed Projects:

Order SN Project title Name Affiliation
1 2021-1 Tree size estimation app Heiner Lieth Plant Sciences Department, UCDavis
2 2021-2 Using Computer vision to identify the phenological condition of herbarium specimens Reed J Kenny Potter Lab UC Davis
3 2021-3 Mobile app for collecting and visualizing data on diseased trees in an orchard Lior Blank N/A
4 2021-4 Phenotyping platform: Plant and gall growth estimation, by using 2D images Isabel Hernandez Postdoctoral Scholar
5 2021-6 Interactive 2D Fourier maps of cells Gerald Quon UC Davis (Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology)
6 2021-7 Developing automated methods to identify ADHD-relevant behaviors from video Meghan Miller MIND Institute/Department of Psychiatry
7 2021-8 #OurChangingClimate Claire Napawan Human Ecology, Landscape Architecture + Environmental Design
8 2021-9 Dynamic visualization of in-situ measurements in the largest lake in California (Clear Lake) Alicia Cortes Civil and Environmental Engineering
9 2021-10 UC Boost - Revolutionizing Remote Learning Nicholas Hosein UC Davis
10 2021-11 Wondrous Jonathan Kelly N/A
11 2021-13 Intelligent Video Captioning Brian Thomas Telestream
12 2021-14 Design of An Interactive Educational Phone-based App for Clinical Ophthalmology: PocketOphtho Glenn C Yiu UC Davis Health
13 2021-15 Design of a Film-Based Assessment of Empathy in Older Couples Meng Huo Department of Human Ecology, UC Davis
14 2021-16 Mind The Gap mobile app Amber Fitzgerald UC Davis MIND Institute
15 2021-17 Implementation of an Automated Trees Centers Detection from Aerial Imagery Alireza Pourreza UC Davis - BAE Dept.
16 2021-18 Enhance a machine learning image analysis tool for skeletal muscle histological analysis Lucas Smith UC Davis - Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior
17 2021-19 EMPOWER/EMPODERAR Leigh Ann Simmons UC Davis Department of Human Ecology
18 2021-20 Database Design and App Development for Air Quality Research Center’s Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) Spectroscopy Laboratory Ann Dillner UC Davis
19 2021-21 Computer Vision Wheel Alignment Shane Smith N/A
20 2021-22 Design and Development of Contact Mechanics Analysis Tool Tanner Finney UC DAVIS Dept. of Chemical Engineering
21 2021-24 Interactive website displaying farmer priorities to inform research, extension, and policy in California Cameron Pittelkow Department of Plant Sciences
22 2021-25 A Web Interface for Ophthalmic Image Data Transfer and Inventory for the UC Davis Reading Center Glenn Yiu UC Davis
23 2021-26 iOS AR Game Open Source Project Justin Jia None
24 2021-27 Private and Secure Social Networking Service Justin Jia None
25 2021-28 Open Source Static Site Generator Justin Jia None
26 2021-29 Open Source RSS Reader App Justin Jia None
27 2021-30 Open Source Minecraft-like Simulation Environment for AI Justin Jia None
28 2021-32 ABET Sample Collection Website Christopher Nitta University of California, Davis
29 2021-34 Chinese IME with Customizable Lexicons Chengzhi Chu & Fuqiang Zhuo UC Davis
30 2021-35 NeuroBiography Music Memory Browser Petr Janata Center for Mind and Brain
31 2021-36 Standalone Application for Remote Psychophysics Experiments Wilsaan Joiner Department of Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior; Department of Neurology
32 2021-37 Automated Peak Detection and Integration using Machine Learning Algorithms Dave Chemistry
33 2021-38 gem5 GUI Bobby R. Bruce UC Davis (DaRCHr research group)
34 2021-39 GAITRite Data Extraction & Parameter Cleaning J. Famula, D. Hessl, and S. Rivera UC Davis MIND Institute
35 2021-40 SmartIntake®: Development of a multiplatform smartphone application Corby K. Martin Pennington Biomedical Research Center - Louisiana State University System
36 2021-41 Development of an integrative web app for browsing human genomics projects Paulina Carmona UC Davis Med Center-Neurology/MIND Institute
37 2021-42 Automated quality control and assurance of stable isotope measurements Dr. Chris Yarnes Uc Davis Stable Isotope Facility
38 2021-43 Facile Web-based Automatic-Manual System for Liver Segmentation Roger Goldman UC Davis School of Medicine, Department of Radiology
39 2021-44 Visualizing Climate Change Emily Schlickman UC Davis
40 2021-45 Sensing Localized Soil Conditions Emily Schlickman UC Davis
41 2021-47 Mentorship platform for a nonprofit programming community Andrew Chong Electric Hive
42 2021-48 Image-centric software development supporting novel slide-free microscopy Richard Levenson Dept. of Pathology and Lab. Medicine, UCD Health
43 2021-50 Aggie House Searching Tool Tony Xiao N/A
44 2021-51 Smart Home Platform for Aging Well (SHAW) using Voice Interaction and AI Yong Choi Dept of Public Health Sciences – Health Informatics Division School of Medicine
45 2021-52 Design of a patient-facing mobile platform for collecting asthma symptom data Sarah Haynes UC Davis Health- Department of Pediatrics
46 2021-53 HME Shared Decision Making Support Tool Andrea Quinonez, RN, PhD, MSN, PHN UC Davis Health - Health Management and Education
47 2021-54 Mobile App Development for BioPortal Beatriz Martinez Lopez CADMS - UC DAVIS
48 2021-55 Living Light Living Well (LLLW) Food and Activity Tracker/App Cathy Deimeke, MBA, RD UC Davis Health, Health Management and Education
49 2021-56 Foot Ulcer Diagnosis App Misty D Humphries Department of Surgery
50 2021-57 Software and algorithm development for low complexity protein sequence identification and characterization from genomic databases. Dylan Murray Department of Chemistry UC Davis
51 2021-58 App to Connect Local Food Producers and Restaurants Mason Shelnutt UC Davis Alum
52 2021-59 Rebate Search Website Mason Shelnutt UC Davis Alum
53 2021-60 An interactive experimental and numerical data generation and visualization tool for geotechnical earthquake engineering applications Katerina Ziotopoulou Civil & Environmental Engineering / UC Davis
54 2021-61 An interactive numerical data processing and visualization tool for large simulations of ground motions Katerina Ziotopoulou Civil & Environmental Engineering / UC Davis
55 2021-62 “FIND A TALK” - Help UC Davis students find all seminars with an interactive database Dante Leventini UC Davis
56 2021-63 Video content management tool to distribute medically-sound, validated information about health & aging Sanjay Joshi University of California, Davis
57 2021-64 USA Olympics Tracker App Juan Juan N/A
58 2021-65 Mood Tracking App Juan Juan N/A
59 2021-67 Capstone Project 01 Travis Heppe Google
60 2021-68 Capstone Project 02 Travis Heppe Google
61 2021-69 Capstone Project 03 Travis Heppe Google
62 2021-70 Capstone Project 04 Travis Heppe Google
63 2021-72 Capstone Project 06 Travis Heppe Google
64 2021-73 Capstone Project 07 Travis Heppe Google
65 2021-74 Capstone Project 08 Travis Heppe Google
66 2021-75 Capstone Project 09 Travis Heppe Google
67 2021-77 Capstone Project 11 Travis Heppe Google
68 2021-78 Capstone Project 12 Travis Heppe Google
69 2021-79 Capstone Project 13 Travis Heppe Google
70 2021-80 Capstone Project 14 Travis Heppe Google
71 2021-81 Capstone Project 15 Travis Heppe Google
72 2021-82 Capstone Project 16 Travis Heppe Google
73 2021-83 Capstone Project 17 Travis Heppe Google
74 2021-84 Capstone Project 18 Travis Heppe Google
75 2021-86 Capstone Project 20 Travis Heppe Google
76 2021-87 Decision Support for Radiation Oncology Sonja Dieterich UC Davis Health