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ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2021

USA Olympics Tracker App

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Project title USA Olympics Tracker App
Background Olympics is a worldwide event that gets the world to watch and everyone roots for their country to win. The Olympics have about 33 different sporting events with a total of 92 countries and over 13,000 athletes competing. There are multiple events going on and at different times. It is very difficult to keep up with what’s going on with athletes and updates on your country’s progress.

2021 Olympics will be in Tokyo, Japan starting Friday, July 23rd ending on Sunday, August 8th. We are building the app that will make it easier for users to keep track of USA’s events, wins and athletes. We will integrate social media to get the experience from a few of the top Olympian’s perspective.
Description iOS and Android App to keep track of USA in the Olympics
Deliverable Students will work with me to build an iOS and Android app to allow users to keep track of USA athletes and updates. The main function will be searching USA athletes to get the latest information.

The project team will design and build an app to allow a user to:
• Search and analyze USA Athletes
• Compare USA Athletes to see who is doing better
• View medal counts for each country
• View medal counts per USA Athlete
• View latest Olympic news
• View events by integrating a list of events with day and times that can be filtered by sport or athlete
• View videos by developing integration from YouTube to get the latest videos
• View latest social media posts by integrating Instagram and Twitter
• Follow the top 10 US Olympic athletes through social media integration

Fanalyze will help with design providing wireframes and graphical assets needed to build the app. Also, API’s available will be provided to integrate into the app.

We’ve been researching Olympic API’s and found one that provides a majority of the data what we’re looking for. Since the Olympics don’t start until July, we’ll work with the data provider to make sure we have data to test before the Olympics start.

We can begin testing API’s from social media platforms focused on keywords, topics, usernames and hash tags related to the Olympics. We’ll work together to find the official social media accounts for participating countries and athletes.
Skill set desirable Mobile app development, API integration, Social Media API Integration
Phone number 4084834333
Client time availability 30-60 min weekly or more
IP requirement Client wishes to keep IP of the project
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