Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2021

Aggie House Searching Tool

Name Tony Xiao
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Project's details

Project title Aggie House Searching Tool
Background As a student who study at UC Davis, you might realize find a perfect house/apartment to live is a very time consuming task. You will need to consider a lot of things such as the location, transportation, distance to grocery store, house condition, neighborhood, price, pets policy, internet service, etc. You might spend ton of hours reading the reviews from google, yelp, Zillow, forum, apartment website, calling the office and even visit the apartments several times in person before make a decision. We want a tool that can simplify this process and if possible we can even bring this tool to other area.
Description Students will work on this project to develop a solution to the above problem. To start with, the project team can retrieve the initial data (location, price, room type, condition, reviews, etc) from different housing websites such as, Zillow, google, yelp, etc. Based on the raw data, the team can work on certain algorithms that give recommendations to use based on the users’ preference. The project team can design a web app or phone apps that recommend users the perfect house based on users’ preference (e.g. close to campus, adjacent to grocery store, lowest price, house conditions, etc.). Students are encourage to bring more features to the apps.
Deliverable - A feasible solution to simplify the housing searching process
- A web app or phone apps
- Comprehensive documentation of the code
Skill set desirable - Web Crawling
- Backend development(database, API, data processing, etc.)
- Algorithms
- Web development / Mobile App development
Phone number 5304913499
Client time availability 30-60 min weekly or more
IP requirement Open source project
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