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360-Degree Video Contents & The Recorded Viewer Motion

Video #Video Name (with Youtube Hyperlink)ScreenshotSelected Period
1Flying in The Sky [4K]04:50 to 05:20
2Tahiti Surfing [4K]01:21 to 01:51
3Basketball Game [4K]00:00 to 00:30
4Basketball Player [4K]00:30 to 01:00
5Boomerang (Roller Coaster) [4K]00:10 to 00:40
6Boxing Match [4K]00:52 to 01:22
7A Dancing Girl (Ballet) [4K]00:33 to 01:03
8Wild Dolphins (Diving) [4K]00:06 to 00:36
9Flying Kites [4K]00:00 to 00:30
10Soccer Team [4K]00:29 to 00:59
11A Giant Dinosaur [1080P]00:40 to 01:10
12Grand Canyon [2K]00:48 to 01:18
13Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit [4K]00:02 to 00:32
14Skiing [4k]00:00 to 00:30
15Soccer Match[4K]00:33 to 01:03
16Survivorman (in Jungle) [4K]00:20 to 00:50