Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2023

Rectify Technical and Access Issues to Stebbins App

Name Paul
Affiliation UCD Natural Reserve System

Project's details

Project title Rectify Technical and Access Issues to Stebbins App
Background Stebbins Cold Canyon Natural Reserve is a UC Davis research and teaching site in the mountains approximately 30 minutes west of campus. It is also one of the most popular hiking destinations in the region with more than 65,000 people visiting its hiking trails each year. In 2018 CSSD students helped to develop an IOS app for the reserve that aimed to enrich the visitor experience by providing offline access to a trail map and nature trail, plant and animal identification guides, and historical and safety-related information. The app that was produced easily met NRS staff expectations and was a wonderful addition to the SCCR visitor toolbox even though it was only available in IOS. However, after a few years the app started malfunctioning and has subsequently been removed from the Apple App Store. Although the NRS would like to resurrect the app we lack the technical know-how to do it ourselves, or the resources to hire professionals to do it.
Description Students would examine and rectify technical issues causing the app to malfunction, re-build, test, and re-launch the app for public use on the existing IOS platform. Students would duplicate the app to provide access on the Android platform. Students would have the opportunity to upgrade functions of the existing app, such as linking field observations to the iNaturalist platform, or other ideas that the students have.
Deliverable • Resolve functional glitches in the current IOS system
• Re-launch of the iOS App with full content
• Launch an equivalent Android App
• App’s source code clearly documented in Github
Skill set desirable The ideal team will have experience, knowledge and/or desire to learn:
• App development for IOS and Android
• Google maps API
• iNaturalist
Phone number 7757426193
Client time availability 30-60 min weekly or more
IP requirement Open source project
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