Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2019

An Interactive Educational App for Clinical Ophthalmology

Name Glenn Yiu
Affiliation UC Davis Health

Project's details

Project title An Interactive Educational App for Clinical Ophthalmology
Background Ophthalmology physicians and trainees across the U.S. undergo regular assessments of knowledge in clinical ophthalmology. These include the Written Qualifying Exam ( WQE ) from the American Board of Ophthalmology, which is a 250 multiple-choice question examination required for board certification; as well as the Ophthalmic Knowledge Assessment Program ( OKAP ), a 260-item multiple-choice test that is administered to Ophthalmology residents in each year of training. These exams measure ophthalmic knowledge of residents, relative to their peers, in order to facilitate the ongoing assessment of resident progress and program effectiveness. While several online educational resources exist that include collections of sample questions, there is a lack of interactive programs with open-source, high-yield content that help learners review the subject material, aside from traditional textbooks and lectures.
Description Students will help develop an open-source iOS-based app that will present condensed, high-yield content in flashcard form to optimize efficiency and performance on OKAP or WQE exams. The app will rely on an integrated spaced repetition system that relies on individual feedback to decide the optimal time to revisit previously reviewed content material in order to maintain knowledge saturation. The source material will be a 400-slide MS Powerpoint presentation with interactive animations composed by the client, that could be incorporated into flashcard format. Participants will work with a team of Ophthalmologists, Ophthalmology residents, and medical students from the UC Davis Health system who are highly motivated to improve medical education, particularly in Ophthalmology. The following features are desired: - Personalized profiles for multiple users - Bookmark feature to allow resuming at a specific slide or slide element - Ability to review slides in specific sequence, or randomly - Feature for manually marking slides or slide elements for future review - Ability to review certain slides based on subject classifiers - Allow content to be added, removed, or modified at a later time - Automated feature to selectively review slides or slide elements that the learner had previous difficulty with ( e.g. based on time spent on an element or slide )
Deliverable - A full-functional open-source phone-based interactive educational app for reviewing clinical ophthalmology. - iTunes store integration for beta-testing - Clearly documented source code in Github - Comprehensive documentation of the code is required
Skill set desirable Experience with development of phone-based apps
Phone number 6177846681
Client time availability 30-60 min every two weeks
IP requirement Open source project
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Selected Yes
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TA Jonathan