Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2019

DIY web cameras network

Name Shane Waddell
Affiliation JMIE/NRS

Project's details

Project title DIY web cameras network
Background The Quail Ridge Reserve ( ) is an outdoor research laboratory for ecologists, biologists and computer scientists. The reserve infrastructure features a wifi network allowing sensors and cameras to collect data autonomously. The network currently consists of 45 sites, most solar-powered, distributed over 3000 acres. Trail cameras are a great way to capture images of animals day or night. Motion-activation, infrared flash, and image quality are key components of a good camera. Most off-the-shelf trail cameras do not have telemetry options, requiring frequent visits to download SD cards and change batteries. These cameras can also be quite expensive and/or they do not have all of the required features of a project. We propose to develop a DIY web camera that would work with the existing wifi network on our 12V solar system to monitor wildlife at the Reserve. We would then be able to create a network of cameras throughout the Reserve. A second part of the project would be to create a framework for ingesting and archiving photos. This could include some simple image recognition to exclude photos with no animals in them and the use of a crowdsourcing site ( ) to categorize photos.
Description Students would research, build, and test low-cost web cameras. They will assess needs and limitations of various types of cameras, image quality, trigger speed, and network capabilities. The students would create a platform for photo organization, identifying animals, and storage.
Deliverable • One of more prototype cameras to deploy and test • A central data structure for organization, identifying animals, and storage • Clear documentation in Github or equivalent
Skill set desirable • Knowledge of cameras • Willingness to tinker with electronics • Knowledge or experience with database APIs ( retrieving data ), pre-processing data, and data visualization tools
Phone number 530-754-7108
Client time availability 30-60 min weekly or more
IP requirement Open source project
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