Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2019

Doppler Radar Tracking

Name Tony Galatti
Affiliation G-Tech Labs

Project's details

Project title Doppler Radar Tracking
Background Space debris is an ever present nuisance for satellites. Agencies do not have the resources and budget to track all material and therefore limit the size of objects tracked. Publicly available software for doppler radar will allow smaller groups to track both satellites and space debris without governmental expense. Additionally, radar systems in conjunction with other transmission equipment will allow public users to communicate with satellites through automated feedback, including amateur band users.
Description Software to locate and track satellites and space debris.
Deliverable Software for Raspberry Pi to control doppler radar and physical tracking mechanisms.
Skill set desirable Python or C++
Phone number 916-213-8669
Client time availability 30-60 min every two weeks
IP requirement Client wishes to keep IP of the project
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