Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2019

Mobile app for real-time rowing biomechanics acquisition, assessment and feedback

Name Paul Crawford
Affiliation Hegemony Technologies

Project's details

Project title Mobile app for real-time rowing biomechanics acquisition, assessment and feedback
Background The sport of rowing is highly technical and performance is a significant function of the quality of the athlete’s biomechanics, i.e., how they sequence the movement of their legs, pelvis, back, shoulders, and arms. Competitive rowers train on both the water ( in boats ) and land ( using a rowing ergometers ) and depend on subjective coaching feedback to identify issues with their technique and improve their biomechanics. Modern ergometers create and display a digital stream of relevant rowing data ( power, stroke rate, stroke length, etc. ), and recent advancements with mobile phones make it possible to record and analyze elements of rowing biomechanics ( pelvic angles at various points of the stroke, pelvic swing, pelvic acceleration, etc ). Rowing instruction and performance would benefit from having both of these data sources combined and provided as real-time training feedback to the rower.
Description The goal of this project is build a system that simultaneously records rower biomechanics and ergometer output, synthesizes these data with other health and fitness data and training metrics of interest, composes the data into easily interpretable and actionable information, and feeds it back to the rower in real-time. The project involves building a mobile app that pairs to a popular rowing ergometer ( Concept 2 ) with a phone that is worn in a “rowers wallet” that collects data on attitudes and motions of the rowers pelvis. The mobile app will conduct real-time analysis of the data to evaluate ergometer and biomechanics output relative to standards and goals and generate numeric, visual, and/or audio feedback to the rower to help them effect changes to their technique and better realize their target values. Effectively, the goal is to capture and turn the constellation of data that is being captured in this video ( ) into useful real-time training feedback.
Deliverable An iOS app using state-of-the-art frameworks and APIs that performs all of the functions listed above. The app should be developed using industry standard programming techniques that include well designed and commented code, code repositories, appropriate unit tests, and a highly automated deployment process.
Skill set desirable Experience with the Xcode IDE and the CoreData, CoreMotion, and Apple HealthKit development frameworks, Agile development principles, Bluetooth interfaces, real-time operating systems, MySQL DBA and AWS development environment including Cognito and RDS services, and Apple’s TestFlight deployment environment.
Phone number 530-759-9751
Client time availability 30-60 min weekly or more
IP requirement Client wishes to keep IP of the project
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