Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2023

Virtual Goniometer

Name Dr. Clifford Pereira
Affiliation UC Davis Medical Center

Project's details

Project title Virtual Goniometer
Background Hand injuries annually account for over $740 million in health care costs per year, and is one of the most common injuries presenting to the ER at UC Davis. Additionally, since UC Davis is the only level I trauma center in north california, many of these patients are transferred in from remote areas and live over 5-6 hrs away. Postoperative care of these patients therefore is easier via videovisits/ televisits so they dont have to travel to see a specialist. After their surgical wounds have healed, the postoperative care focuses on improving hand function via hand therapy. The range of motion of the fingers and the wrist are important to record to evaluate and tailor the hand therapy these patients receive. However there is no way to record the range of motion of the fingers via video/ tele-visits.
Description Finger and wrist range of motion is measured using an instrument called a goniometer. I am proposing developing an app that will measure the range of motion of a hand from a video that the patient can send the physician via email or in real time during the videovisit. The range of motion can then be uploaded directly into electronic charts / EPIC for physicians and hand therapists to record.
Deliverable app development
Skill set desirable 1) Develop an app that can record the range of motion of individual fingers as well as the wrist joint and elbow joint using video captured by smart phone
2) The range of motion of each joint in the hand/ wrist/ elbow is then uploaded to patients electronic records and can be charted to review progress after hand therpy.
3) This will enable patients living in remote areas to gain access to a specialist hand surgeon without having to drive several hours to get to an in person visit.
Phone number 3109728798
Client time availability 30-60 min weekly or more
IP requirement Client wishes to keep IP of the project
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