Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2020

Visualizing Climate Change

Name Emily Schlickman
Affiliation Department of Human Ecology. UC Davis

Project's details

Project title Visualizing Climate Change
Background The general public often has a difficult time visualizing the potential impacts of climate change on their communities due to the inaccessibility of technical reports and maps. This project looks into how we might create a mobile app that would allow people to “step into” future scenarios of what the landscape might look like 10. 50. and 100 years down the line. The overarching goal is to help start more meaningful discussions at the community level about the potential impacts of climate change and how we might adapt.
Description I will provide spherical panoramic visualizations of various climate change scenarios on the landscape using a combination of Rhino (a 3D modeling software) and Lumion (a 3D rendering software). with advisory support from UC Davis landscape ecologists. The hope is that these panoramas could then be viewed using a mobile app and stereoscopic VR viewer. with users having the ability to toggle back and forth between visualizations and take a simple survey. Given the limited navigational controls of VR viewers. the app interface should be easy to use and data from the survey should be accessible for analysis.
Deliverable A preliminary test case for the app will be an installation called “Portal” which will be defined by three tripods of varying heights. Each tripod will house a weatherized headset and in each headset will be a spherical panorama of what the site might look like in the future.
Skill set desirable 1) Experience with or enthusiasm about experimenting with mobile apps for VR viewers
Phone number 4157268385
Client time availability 30-60 min weekly or more
IP requirement Open source project
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