Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2019

Blockchain based deposit token and environmental benefit calculator for reusable food and beverage service options

Name Michael
Affiliation Sudbusters

Project's details

Project title Blockchain based deposit token and environmental benefit calculator for reusable food and beverage service options
Background To reduce the waste and pollution associated with Single Use Disposable ( SUD ) Food Service Wares ( FSW ), Sudbusters ( ) provides a reusable alternative to special events by renting attendees a durable, reusable cup ( for now, plates and bowls coming soon ). Event attendees pay $1 to rent the cup and $1 for the refundable deposit. When the attendee is done with their cup, they can return it to our booth and get their $1 deposit back. We wash cups offsite and repack clean, dry and sanitized into buckets again for the next event use. To reduce the amount of dollars needed to provide this service to events with attendees in the tens to hundreds of thousands of people, we want a quick and easy way to give people their deposit back using a digital token we create either on Ethereum, Waves, Stellar, Tron or another blockchain. Event attendees could then return their cups/items to our booth or kiosk where a QR code would be generated for them to scan with an app ( to be developed ) and their deposit is refunded in the form of a digital token.
Description Team would determine best approach to inventory of cups/items on or off the blockchain and how the items could be classified as “out/on deposit,” in/no deposit,” “void” or other status such as clean or dirty. Evaluation of options such as RFID, QR code, no ID or other method not brought up here should be evaluated and best approach recommended to sponsor. Team would also assess various blockchain options for creation of a token with sponsor. For example, some platforms allow reissue of tokens if supply is exhausted. Once agreed upon platform is determined, number of tokens to create and other considerations should be assessed. In order for this to be faster than a person verifying their return of the cup, an RFID chip embedded in the cup may be required, along with a scanner that logs cup as returned and generates the QR code that refunds the token. RFID s could also help verify the number of cups in use, the amount returned at each event, their status as clean/dirty, uses per cup, etc… Non RFID methods of tracking will also be considered.
Deliverable Mobile app that functions as a digital wallet for the token the team creates Possible RFID based tracking database for internal use by sponsor that integrates with blockchain The students will be expected to deliver the tool’s source code in Github Comprehensive documentation of the code is required
Skill set desirable N/A
Phone number 530 219 3676
Client time availability 30-60 min weekly or more
IP requirement Client wishes to keep IP of the project
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