Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2019

A Decision Support Tool for Radiation Oncology Doctors

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Name Sonja Dieterich, Ph.D.
Affiliation UC davis Radiation Oncology

Project's details

Project title A Decision Support Tool for Radiation Oncology Doctors
Background A resident physician recently posted on a forum: So is residency pretty much a glorified phone book memorization?" In many ways it is. Radiation Oncology physicians have to memorize several hundred pages worth of treatment recommendations for cancer patients based on the type and stage of cancer they have. Software can help solve this problem.
Description In tis project students will build a decision support software tool to help doctors find the treatment which is based on best evidence for cancer patients. In a first step, students will develop software that can find peer reviewed publications for a specific set of cancers ( lung, breast or prostate ), and see if they can match he "gold standard" of treatment recommendations in current textbooks. Next, students will develop a GUI in collaboration with resident doctors to display the information in the most informative and quickly to grasp way. Lastly, the students will work with the resident doctors and the project mentor to develop either an app or web-based interface. ( I attached older version of grant application for more detail )
Deliverable 1 ) Web-scrubbing software tool that can pull and sort peer-reviewed clinical trials for at least one major cancer site. 2 ) GUI design 3 ) app or web interface
Skill set desirable Web scraping, GUI design, web interface development or app development
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Client time availability 30-60 min weekly or more
IP requirement Client wishes to keep IP of the project
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