Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2022

AQMT Quality Reporting Web Application

Name Xiaoya Cheng
Affiliation Air Quality Research Center, UC Davis

Project's details

Project title AQMT Quality Reporting Web Application
Background The Air Quality Monitoring Team, part of the Air Quality Research Center at UC Davis operates the two largest speciated particle monitoring networks in the United States ( Our laboratory performs analysis on over 120,000 samples per year from 300 sites around the country. The data set we produce, which provides detailed chemical composition information about the air we breathe, is widely used to assess air quality trends, track regulatory compliance, aid health studies, and provide high quality data for diverse research. To ensure the high quality of the data we publish, we have a series of standard operating procedures (SOPs) and quality assurance (QA) procedures to make sure every stage is well performed. However, sometimes things don’t go according to plan. When our procedures cannot be followed, we document that through reports. These reports provide valuable information in investigation of problems and are important documentation during an audit. Our current reporting system is in Excel. We are now interested in developing a web application that both recreates and improves the functionality of the Excel forms to make them more accessible, user-friendly, and maintainable.
Description This is an end-to-end project. Students will design and establish a database to store user input. They will also develop a web application that recreates and improves the functionality of one or more Excel forms. The web app should allow users to view, edit, save, and export reports. Beyond that, if time allows, the students will create a dashboard and visualization tools within the web app that aggregates and summarizes multiple reports. We intend to integrate the tool into our existing software infrastructure, so we prefer the web app be developed in ASP .NET if possible. We will have a main client able to meet with the students for ~4 hours per month. In addition, there will be a senior programmer from our team offering guidance and answering questions when needed.
Deliverable A database hosting Nonconformance Report data, can be any form that is easy to be imported into Microsoft SQL Server A user-friendly web app that allows viewing, editing, saving, and exporting reports - Would like operations as Submit Changes, Edit Existing Repot, Export PDF - Students are encouraged to make user experience and user interface improvements A Dashboard that summarizes the status of all the reports - Summarize all information into a table with filterable columns - Visualize the data using graphs if applicable The students will be expected to deliver the source code into Azure DevOps, our version control tool Comprehensive documentation of the code is required
Skill set desirable - Web development skills, preferably ASP.NET - SQL - Data visualization tools is a plus
Phone number 6072294070
Client time availability 30-60 min weekly or more
IP requirement Open source project
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