Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2019

Pointless Packaging Grading Application

Name Eric Law
Affiliation Industry

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Project title Pointless Packaging Grading Application
Background Plastic is a substance the earth cannot digest. Every piece of plastic created still exists today. Plastic pollution is destroying our oceans and planet. Unfortunately many businesses continue to use excessive amounts of plastic packaging for their products. Also the retailers who sell these products add additional plastic when they repackage products. Unfortunately many retailers do not respond to individual users pushing back. However they do respond to large movements that highlight the business performing poorly. The goal of this project is to aggregate the feedback users put into social media to drive change at large firms like Amazon, Apple, Walmart, Microsoft, Kraft, Target, etc.
Description A web application that harvests social media reviews of manufacturers and retailers packaging to generate a grade for the retailer. The application will crawl social media posts looking for posts tagged with examples of good and bad packaging tied to manufacturers and retailers. These posts will then be scored by the application to generate a grade for the product manufacture and the retailer. The application will also analyze photos included with the social media post. The grades will be posted on the website and shared via social media channels. User Story Linda is very frustrated with the excessive amounts of plastic air bubble packaging that was used to pad plastic wrapped toilet paper she ordered online from Costco. Linda vents her frustration by taking pictures and posting them to instagram. She tags them with #pointlesspackaging, # plasticwaste, #Charmin and #Costco. The pointless packaging app finds this post and the pictures and uses them to generate grades for Costco and Charmin. Costco’s grade is determined based on the box and packing material and Charmin’s grade is based on the plastic wrapped toilet paper.
Deliverable Design documents, including Identify a Computer Vision algorithm for reviewing the pictures and analyzing amount of plastic on the product, amount used for shipping, and shipping container material. Proof-of-concept that delivers: Ability to crawl Social Media Posts Grading system CV algorithm that analyzes the pictures to contribute to the grading system Optional Deliverables based on size of team and schedule Computer Vision Algorithm that can identify materials, manufacturer and retailer based on pictures posted to generate the grade.
Skill set desirable Computer Vision, AI, Social Media, Data Crawling
Phone number 4152643845
Client time availability 30-60 min weekly or more
IP requirement Client wishes to keep IP of the project
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