Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2019

Energy efficient wireless sensor network to monitor temperature for aquatic research

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Name Dipak Ghosal
Affiliation Professor, Dep. of Computer Science, UCDavis

Project's details

Project title Energy efficient wireless sensor network to monitor temperature for aquatic research
Background Over the past two years we have deployed sensors in Yuba river to monitor temperature. The data is gathered at a gateway using .a wireless mesh network. The gateway uses cellular connectivity to upload the data. The wireless mesh network is implemented using wizzimotes that operate at 433MHz and uses the DASH7 protocol stack. An important design consideration is the battery power use in the wizzimotes. While in the current implementation we have made some progress in optimizing battery power, the goal is apply some statistical approach that will both optimize battery use and maximize the data fidelity.
Description We will consider a clean slate design of the wireless mesh network. which is connected to a set of sensors that periodically generate data. The goal is to have the mesh nodes sleep most of the time and periodically wake up to receive data and forward it towards the gateway. We will first understand the approach used in the current current implementation. Next, we will consider a probabilistic synchronization approach that is based on the birthday paradox ( hashing ). We will first do a simulation analysis to to evaluate our design. Next we will implement our design in the wizzimote and experimentally evaluate the performance of our design. Finally, we will implement the the design in wireless sensor network that will be deployed in Center For Aquatic Biology and Aquaculture ( CABA )
Deliverable 1. Report on the current implementation and design of the new probabilistic approach. 2. A python based simulation analysis. 3. Implementation and experimental performance evaluation. 4. Deployment in CABA.
Skill set desirable 1. Embedded systems 2. Operating systems and threads 3. Must be super-fluent in C 4. Good back ground in networking 5. Fluent in python
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Client time availability 30-60 min weekly or more
IP requirement Open source project
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