Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2022

University of California Clinical Training Coordination Tool (UC-CTCT)

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Name Rosalind de Lisser
Affiliation Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing

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Project title University of California Clinical Training Coordination Tool (UC-CTCT)
Background Background: The 2018 California Mental Health Almanac reported that nearly 17 percent of Californians have mental health needs; one in twenty suffers from serious mental illness, and over 50% of people with mental illness have no access to care. This is largely due to an aging workforce, with estimates of a 34% reduction in the psychiatrist workforce in California. To address this need, the University of California Schools of Nursing at Davis, San Francisco, and Los Angeles launched a 12-month online multicampus post-graduate clinical training program for primary care nurse practitioners (NP) to be trained as psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners (PMHNP). The hybrid online curriculum, launched in Jan 2021, is the first of its’ kind in California, designed to recruit NPs from rural regions of the state where mental health services are of most need. The program admitted 40 in 2021, 50 in 2022, and intends to scale to 65 in subsequent years. A trainee spends at least 500 hours in clinical training across 2-5 clinical sites. At present there are over 180 clinical sites being managed by faculty and staff on three campuses with a projected need to develop over 250 more clinical sites in the coming 24 months to accommodate for planned scaling. To develop a new site there are multiple engagement points with 3-5 people in a given agency, clinic, public mental health department, hospital system, or clinical consortium. There are legal contracting requirements for each site and then preceptor vetting and onboarding requirements. In tandem with site development is student recruitment, engagement, admissions, vetting, and eventual placement in a given site. Sites have language, culture, experience, and population foci that may or may not “fit” a given student profile. The multicampus program currently uses tables in BOX shared across 3-campus groups including faculty and staff. Tables are often difficult to read, version control is an ongoing issue, and relationships built with sites and students are currently in people’s heads. Out-reach and engagement is managed in individuals email boxes currently involving 16 different people across the state.
Description Project Description: Students working on this project will assist in the design and implementation of a web-based application that will allow for multicampus tracking and management of clinical training sites across the state of California, management of yearly cohorts of trainees, and successful matching of sites and students based on fit. The project team will design and build a UC-Clinical Training Coordination Tool (UC-CTCT): - Develop a web application for use across campuses to support faculty and staff in the 3-schools of nursing - Use business process automation when recruiting, onboarding, tracking, matching, and following up with site and students and preceptors across campuses and regions - Visualize every site and student at every stage of the clinical training process. - Have complete view and easy access to student/preceptor activity history, key contact(s), communications, and internal discussions about the process of our work with each. - Run real-time reports of most up-to-date data and provide a visualization of this data through dashboard integrations. - Use data visualization and forecasting for yearly effort concentration based on student information and current clinical sites - Reduce redundancies in the workflows while streamlining and optimizing processes. - Integrate a Contract Lifecycle Management process for sites affiliation agreements - Built in algorithm for matching sites and students - Testing and quality improvement with stakeholders
Deliverable Outcome: - A working prototype of the UC-CTCT application and demo for Deans, faculty, and staff across three campuses - Source code documentation required
Skill set desirable Skillset - The ideal team will have experience with product design and management, web services, database, and data visualization tools - HTML, CSS, and Javascript (web development) - Knowledge of customer relationship management software is helpful
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Client time availability 30-60 min weekly or more
IP requirement Client wishes to keep IP of the project
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