Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2023

A Notification System for Pesticide Notices of Intent (NOIs)

Name Dipak Ghosal
Affiliation Department of Computer Science, University of California, Davis

Project's details

Project title A Notification System for Pesticide Notices of Intent (NOIs)
Background A large amount of pesticides containing Restricted Material that are known to have detrimental impact on health are used in agriculture in California. Growers are required to file Notices of Intent (NOIs) with the County before these pesticides are applied. However, these NOIs are highly technical documents, and are hard for impacted community members to interpret. Furthermore, there is no communication infrastructure in place to let impacted community members know when these pesticides are applied so that they can take preventive health measures. Communities that are more likley to be exposed to these pesticides are primarily underrepresented communities of color and oftentimes uninsured, undocumented, non-English speaking, and lacking basic worker protections. The community-based Pesticide Notification Project has two primary objectives. First, to create a notification system to alert community members. Second, to analyze the impact of notification on overall welfare and health behaviors of the town. The goal of this project is to implement a prototype notification system.
Description A small team (or an individual) will be responsible for implementing the notification system which consists of four components.

Web Application: The Web Application will be publicly available and will have both English and Spanish translations. The key element will be a database containing Notices of Intent (NOIs) for pesticide applications that will be publicly accessible from the Web.

Cross-Platform Phone Application: The phone application will be accessible from both IOS and Android devices. It will contain all of the components of the web application with a few additional features. These include a login feature, customizable push notifications and location-based notifications.

SMS Messaging: A SMS Messaging service with Twilio that will provide a weekly text to subscribers showing how many NOIs will be issued that week along with a link for more details.This service will be available for both English and Spanish speaking subscribers.

Geo QR: QR codes placed in several public locations to provide information on NOIs. This will require creating several hidden pages on the web server that the QR codes will link to. These pages will display the recent NOIs that have been issued in the area corresponding to the QR code.

This project will require knowledge of web and mobile development in addition to programming skills. The goal is to create user friendly applications that allow for easy access to information about pesticide applications to the impacted community.
Deliverable A fully functional and integrated prototype system that implements the four components outlined in the project description.
Skill set desirable Required Skills:
Back-end and Front-end Web service knowledge
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, Node.js
React-native, expo, flutter
Knowledgeable in IOS and Android development

Desired Skills:
experience with Twilio or similar service
Knowledge of cloud services
Phone number 5307549251
Client time availability 30-60 min weekly or more
IP requirement Open source project
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