Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2019

Collaboration Match

Name Lori Kennedy Madden
Affiliation UC Davis Center for Nursing Science

Project's details

Project title Collaboration Match
Background The application is aimed at connecting collaborators for innovations, performance improvement, and research within the health system.
Description Previously, if individuals wanted to find prior or current projects occurring in other units so that they might contact people working on those projects and learn from their experience OR collaborate with others to do a project in both areas. It is based on an old resource which was an Excel spreadsheet listing existing/previous projects completed by various individuals/clinical areas which individuals could look through or sort and search for resources and/or collaborators. The goal is to connect individuals based on key words, topics, areas of interest. While publications could also be considered in the variables considered, most/not all will be published, so it should not drive the search. We could load items from the Excel spreadsheet or other lists I can generate, but we would populate this based on an invitation to individuals to sign up and self identify their key words, topics, and areas of interest. As noted previously, a search feature is essential to the utility of the application. The goal is to connect individuals to others with whom they can collaborate. If we can allow people to identify prior collaborations/collaborators, maybe there would be a functionality for people to invite prior collaborators to sign up ( This could be like Research Gate that asks me about coauthors and sends me alerts about work done by prior coauthors ). I imagine some features might look like matchmaking apps, but I am not familiar with them. The goal is to offer a resource that is a bit more functional and useful. This application could be either web based AND/OR app based, although I think that an APP based product might be most attractive to the widest audience. A key feature would be the ability to save or share the search yield for later reference or sharing ( e.g., if I searched for people who I could work with regarding surgical site infections, I do not want to have to repeat the search if I need to recall the name or contact info for one or all of the people in the search result ). The initial/primary audience for the project includes UC Davis Health system staff ( primarily nurses, but including all others ), students, and faculty with the additional potential to include UCD campus-wide staff, students, and faculty. Depending on interest, we could consider that it could scale up to a UC-wide project or externally to other individuals or entities that would be potential collaborators.
Deliverable Web and smart-phone accessible application to find collaborators for projects.
Skill set desirable App design, coding for algorithms for matching, report writing and export/search yield output, other skills needed to produce the above-noted application.
Phone number 916-703-3021
Client time availability 30-60 min weekly or more
IP requirement Open source project
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