Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2023

Here is the list of projects:

(*) List of 2023 active design challenges:

Order SN Project title Name Affiliation TA
1 2023-1 Wearable, gaze-directed beamforming to improve speech comprehension Lee Miller Center for Mind & Brain Rex Liu
3 2023-5 Image and Video Processing for Pandemic Intelligence Zhaodan Kong Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Rex Liu
5 2023-10 AI-based animal recognition using trail camera images Gary Natural Reserve System Rex Liu
8 2023-21 EcoCAR Autonomous Vehicle System Development Christopher Nitta University of California, Davis Rex Liu
12 2023-39 Interface and Mobile App for Grip Laterality Indices Carolynn Patten UC Davis School of Medicine, PM&R Rex Liu

(*) List of 2022 active design challenges:

Order SN Project title Name Affiliation TA
13 2022-13 Identification of imaging features associated with disease using deep learning Gerald Quon Genome Center/Molecular and Cellular Biology Rex Liu
14 2022-14 Intelligent Video Captioning Brian Thomas Telestream Rex Liu
15 2022-15 Super Slow-Motion Video Brian Thomas Telestream Rex Liu
16 2022-16 Design of a Lake Tahoe Hazardous Conditions Warning System Geoffrey Schladow Prof. Civil & Env Engineering and Director Tahoe Environmental Research Center Rex Liu
17 2022-17 Dynamic visualization of in-situ measurements in the largest lake in California (Clear Lake) Alicia Cortes Civil and Environmental Engineering Rex Liu
18 2022-18 Aggie Dish Naji Dmeiri Google, UC Davis alumni Rex Liu